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Moving apartments, houses, offices and businesses

Transport of materials

Clearing houses, flats and estates

Moving heavy loads (safes, pianos)

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Moving apartments, houses and offices

Fast and cheap removals in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Effective removals from our company can solve any of your problems. Removals of apartments, houses, companies, schools or institutions. We are able to move out inheritance and we also assemble and dismantle your furniture. We can move anything anyplace you want. Let the worries with removals to professionals.

Our focus is on removals and transport around Czech Republic and foreign countries. We will help you with removing anytime and anywhere you want. We work nonstop all week without any surcharges.

We are available for your consultations with removals and transport mostly in eastern Bohemia because of local branches. All you need to do is call us and we can move and transport your furniture or material through the Czech Republic.

We always do our best to please you. We care about your precious time and money.

Our services


Removals are our main activity. We are able to transport almost everything. We have years of experience in a field of removals. Most of the time, we move furniture from apartments and houses. It is not an obstacle for us to move whole offices or institutions. We are able to move whole office and non-residential premises because of our high-quality fleet. We are a professional removals company. We work nonstop on holidays without extra charges.

Material transport

Our company cares about material transport a lot. We are able to transport material, goods or products all over the Czech Republic almost immediately. Let us move your material or goods for really good prices. We are ready to move small and light things and also big and heavy loads. Our employees are ready to care about everything. Let the specialists work for you.

space clearing

Clearing out the area is a sure thing in our job. You don’t have to care about your inheritance, companies, cellars or whole houses. We are able to clear out whole building and get rid of all waste. You don’t have to worry about cleaning. And we can solve your problem with waste. Clearing out the area isn’t a problem for us. Contact us to get rid of worries.

Moving heavy objects

Do you have a problem with huge furniture, heavy safe or large piano? We can help you. We are able to relocate big and heavy objects with a special manipulation technology or with just with our proficient workers. We’ll deal with almost everything. Let the professionals solve yours worries with moving.

Assemble and dismantle furniture

Do you need help with new furniture? Don't you know how to get your furniture from shop to your house and how to assemble it there? We can help you. We can deliver your furniture from shop to your house and assemble it in a while. You don’t have to ask your neighbours for help. We are here to help you. We can dismantle your furniture and deliver it where you wish.