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Moving apartments, houses, offices and businesses

Transport of materials

Clearing houses, flats and estates

Moving heavy loads (safes, pianos)

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Road transport

  • Do you need moving or are you interested just in transport?
  • Are you looking for cheap material or goods transport?
  • Do you want to provide road transport in Czech Republic or abroad?
  • Are you looking for help with moving big or heavy objects?

Contact transport Macek. There is a rolling stock and team of professionals. They are ready to give you an advice with domestic or international road transport. Furniture, material, goods and heavy object – we are ready to move it.

Cheap and reliable road transport

The main things of our company are removals; our customers can use individual services as a transport with some of our cars. We offer extensive rolling stock with various kinds of cars. We can choose the best car for you depending on use and efficiency of loads. Cargo insurance is matter of course.

Bespoke road transport

We are able to move almost everything around Czech Republic and also abroad. We are ready to suit your needs with respect to your time and equipment. We work non-stop all week without extra charges, weekend and holidays included.