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Moving apartments, houses, offices and businesses

Transport of materials

Clearing houses, flats and estates

Moving heavy loads (safes, pianos)

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Clearing out

Clearing out

  • Do you have a house from estate, which is full of old furniture and equipment?
  • You have no idea what to do with a mess in your basement?
  • Do you have to clear out closed office branch, moved office or stock?

These and another of your problems will solve Transport Macek for you. You don’t have to have worries with dirty work; we are able to clear out everything for you!

We clear out anything!

Our services use private people and also companies. We can clear out whole houses, flats, basements, workshops and garages. We help companies with clearing out the office or whole grounds and halls really often.

According to requirements of our customers we will move unnecessary material, furniture and frames. We will make raw cleaning of the place; sort waste and care about waste disposal.

In case of need we provide considerate removals of furniture and other items. We offer storage for fee.

Comprehensive services on customer’s request

We clear out anything and anywhere. We are specialist in clearing out the areas – let us take your worries! You can save your precious time and money.

We have necessary technology. We can manage all the clearing works in very short time just thanks to our equipment, contacts and experience.

We will help you where you need it most.

How does clearing out look like?

All you need to do is contact us and tell us your requirements. We will prepare approximate calculation and design of work schedule for free. We also carry out preliminary examination of the premises and realization.

  • We work non-stop, from Monday to Sunday.
  • No extra surcharges for weekend and holidays.
  • We are available at any time; we will adapt our working hours according to your options.