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Moving apartments, houses, offices and businesses

Transport of materials

Clearing houses, flats and estates

Moving heavy loads (safes, pianos)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the working hours of Transport Macek?

• Our team works from early mornings. We realize removals even at weekends and holidays without extra charges! Specific time and date depends on our customers. We are going to adapt for your requirements. All you have to do is make a deal.

2. How much does the moving, transport and clearing cost?

• Price is always individual and it’s based on specific parameters of removals and requirements of customer. It is based on difficulty of removals, number of kilometers, and type of vehicle which was used.

• Contact us for estimate price or final price of our services on +420 604 687 554 or fill in the enquiry form.

3. What vehicle is the right one for my removals?

• We chose you a vehicle from our large rolling stock, considering to your requirements and dimensions of moving objects and also for optimization your expenditures.

• Our employee determines what type of vehicle will be the best by doing the preliminary examination.

4. How is it secured that moving objects will not damage the shipping and handling?

• We treat well with your furniture and equipment. The focus is on not to damage transported objects.

• Our vehicles are equipped with necessary equipment for moving your furniture. We use cardboard boxes, crates and blankets. We use stretch (industrial) and bubble wrap to protect the furniture.

5. How many members will the team consist?

• The number of people depends on difficulty and size of whole moving. We assemble our team after preliminary examinations of your house

6. Is it possible to order just transport? I want to do removals by myself.

• Yes, of course. We provide the transport, vehicle with designated driver according to your order. Our driver can help you with loading or unloading after previous agreement. We offer individual or complex services.

7. What does it mean “preliminary examination”? What should I expect?

• Preliminary examination is a part of our services and it is for free. Examination of our technician is needed for counting the final price of removals or clearing out. We determine a type of vehicle and number of moving staff.

8. Is it possible to use your services during weekend or holidays?

• Of course it is. We work non-stop, 7 days a week, during the whole year. We don’t charge any surcharges.

9. We would need to store our furniture. Is it possible?

• Yes, a part of our service is also storing. There is a charge, which depends on time of storing and number of equipment which should be stored.

10. How long in advance must be the moving services ordered?

• Removals, transport and clearing out are advisable to order min. one week before. Depending on our occupancy we can arrange shorter term. In critical cases we are able to comply with our customers in 24 hours.

11. How the payment of your services goes?

• You can pay in cash when the removals are done. In case of companies and extensive works it’s possible to make an agreement with transfer to our bank account.

12. How long will the removals or clearing out take?

• This is individual; everything depends on size of order, specific needs and requirements of our client. We determine the estimated time on preliminary examination.

13. Are you able to provide removals all by yourselves? I don’t want to care about anything…

• We offer full service to our customers. We are able to realize whole removals without our customer. We provide removals from A to Z within package “Removals without worries”.

14. Is it necessary to get ready for removals somehow?

• It is advisable to get ready ahead, it ensure maximal utilization of time. It’s advisable to let the freezer defrost, clear out the cabinets, and remove the shelves from cabinets. It turned out to keep the keys from lockable furniture. For smooth process of removals it’s important to get rid of the unnecessary things and waist.

• In case you order the package “Removals without worries” you can let the worries for our team. Professional workers will take care about everything. They clear out the cabinets place the items to moving bags, boxes and ensure the security of furniture against damage and etc. – vide question no. 15.

15. What services does the package “Removals without worries” include?

• It is about full service and all the worries are for us.

• Our team provides area preparation for removals; they clear out the cabinets and place the items to boxes and bags. They will take care about dismantling the furniture and secure against damage. (With help of stretch foil, bubble foils etc.). Loading, transport and unloading is a sure thing. Assemble the furniture is a sure thing as well.

• Moving team is here for your individual needs and wishes.

16. Is my property insured against damage during the removals and transport?

• We secure whole equipment against damage. We also care about your furniture with maximal gentleness. We are covered with high risk insurance in case of any unexpected incidents. It covers whole property of our customer.